It’s no secret that our customers love incorporating our products into their workout routine to enhance their results and watch their fitness goals come to life. Whether they’re en route to a yoga class, getting in their ab workout, or using Hot Shapers in addition to their low carb diet, we can’t help but to be inspired (and a little bit flattered) by the effort and grind our fam is putting in with Hot Shapers every day!

Here’s what people are saying about some of our favorite products!



“One of the first goals of the year is to lose weight, to be ready to receive the summer, I must confess that I forget my goals but I am still in time to lose some weight and nothing better than to take advantage of! Hot Shapers helps you to eliminate 10x more sweat and burn extra calories!” -- @jaileenes


“Getting right for summer, anyone else with me? I’ve always struggled with consistency to stay in the gym so when I added these Hot Shapers to my routine it really changed my results & mindset. Not only do they help me sweat more & shape my legs, they’re also super comfortable. You NEED these in your life if you’re anything like me or if you just want that extra push 💪🏽” -- @_kailssss_


"Want extra sweat? Wear Hot Shapers to intensify that workout and extra sweat. It’s extremely comfortable, and I don’t feel any flexibility restraints from it. Help shape your tummy down with this product for the summer!” -- @emilyisfocused


"Sweat it out 💦 Nothing makes me feel better than a good sweat sesh, but thanks to 3 kids and hectic schedules, getting to hot yoga just isn’t in the cards for me these days 🧘🏼‍♀️ This Hot Cami by @hotshapers is the closest thing I got though, but truly does help me get the most out of my home workouts - sweat included! By helping to shape your figure while literally making you sweat, the best part is that you don’t have to worry about getting your clothes wet because the material helps to trap it all next to your skin 💪🏼 I’m hoping to get back to a steaming hot yoga class sometime in the near future, but until then, it’s  @hotshapers all the way!” -- @healthyfitfabmoms


“I’m not ready for a workout until I’m wearing my shapewear. My Hot Shapers Cami is comfortable & flexible during my workout, plus it amps up my sweat game x10. It also helps shape and cinch my waist at the same time, so that’s a win-win 🙌🏻 I’m burning more calories, reshaping my body, and looking good while doing it 😎” -- @jennaxshank


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As always, happy sweating!