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How To Take A Day Off From The Gym

If you're anything like us, you take your health and workouts pretty dang seriously. We've got a strong desire to get into incredible shape, smash goals, and stay fit. But it can become pretty easy to push fitness levels a little too far. 

Sweating, lifting, running, biking, and even yoga every day can take a toll on your body. As shocking as it sounds, taking a day off from hitting the gym is one of the best things you can do for your body and health.

While it may seem like you're slacking or make you worry that you won't get your desired results or lose weight - time off allows for your body and mind to fully recover and grow. 

Never taking a day offsets the body up for a breakdown. You become more prone to muscle soreness, getting sick, and injury, which only sets you back further from hitting your goals.

 Talk about a step backwards...

But we've got a checklist to run through on your next day off to ensure you get all the rest and recovery your body needs.

Here's the deal...


No 5 a.m. alarms to head the gym before work. No early morning runs around the neighborhood. Nothing! Hit the snooze button, roll over and get some well-deserved shut-eye. When you're back at the gym tomorrow, you'll be thanking yourself for the extra sleep, feeling more energized and ready to smash it! 


A hot shower can help relieve soreness, knots, and tension

After sleeping in, jump in the shower (or bath!) and crank up the heat. A hot shower can help relieve soreness, knots, and tension found in the muscles after working out. The heat also helps to increase blood circulation to ease pain, and reduce inflammation. Take your time in the shower on your days off and allow yourself to breathe and relax! 


Did you know our Hot Slimming Gel is excellent for muscle pain? Rub it on your target areas post-shower to feel a cooling sensation for your skin and muscles. 

And though it’s necessary to take a day off from yoga, ab workouts, or weight lifting, you shouldn’t take a day off from caring for your skin. 

Hot Slimming Gel is excellent for muscle pain

This gel is the ultimate solution to improving the appearance of your skin around your arms, legs or core, increasing elasticity, while leaving it feeling toned and firm.

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Time for some light (and we mean LIGHT) mobility work! Simple stretching in your living room, or going on a leisurely walk to get some blood flow will help relieve any muscle tightness.

We love using a foam roller to improve mobility and tightness you might be experiencing from a hard workout. 

We love using a foam roller to improve mobility and tightness

Incorporating more mobility work will make you stronger and more flexible so you can work out harder and longer next t. So, get rollin'!


And no, we don't mean for an outdoor workout! It's still your day off, and summertime is still here. Get out and enjoy yourself! Head to the beach with friends and soak up some Vitamin D, grab a blanket and a book and head to the park, or whatever it is that allows you to take it easy.