Copper Slim


Copperspire Tech™ is our unique thermal Copper technology that has copper ions woven right into the fabric and is infused into all of our activewear. Providing a variety of benefits from the moment it touches your skin. Elevating your potential to train better, perform better and feel better.

Real women. Real results


I ordered my copper slim mainly for the trimming effects that was advertised. I did a lot of comparison shopping and decided to try this one based on the reviews. The belt creates a lot of heat and makes you SWEAT a lot! It has definitely helped me trim my waist and abdomen. I’ve gone down 2 sizes and it’s only been 30 days. I highly recommend it for others looking to trim some inches off their waist.


I was skeptical at first and thought it wouldn’t perform like it shows on the ads. But wow I did 30 minutes of jump rope and once I took it off I was drenched in sweat. I’m already down 21 pounds and I also feel it tones your skin because not only has it helped me lose weight but my body feels more "tight" especially on my stomach area. Love love love! I would definitely recommend.


I’ve lost 24 pounds so far! I’ve been using my copper slim for 2 months and I couldn’t be happier. I get such a good sweat from wearing it and my waist is literally looking like an hourglass. I add the sweat gel for an extra SWEATY workout and I also drink the slimming tea at night. Another thing I love of this waist trainer is that it doesn’t roll down!


This waist trainer is amazing! I use the belt for 30-45 mins per day during my workouts and in my first two weeks my stomach was already looking a lot more toned and it actually shed one inch off my waist! I’ve tried so many other brands but this is by far the best quality one and the one with the best results I thought it was just for the commercial but you will actually sweat A LOT!


I love the quality of my Copper