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Slimming Gel
Dawnett Miller
I am ready to get snatched

Just the right fit after exchanging. You do sweat I ready to sweat get healthy and snatch. To soon for results products feel good on your skin.


I have been wearing for about a month and wear as much as I can going out doing house work and in the month I lost 5 inches already I also do exercises also!

Awesome product

Hot Shapers really get you sweaty fast!!

Don’t regret

I think it’s really comfortable, it fits great. I really do think the waist trainer has been helping. The actual hot belt seems to help during workouts but doesn’t make me sweat as much as I thought it would. Maybe it’s just my body however. Still good!

Slimming Gel
Jennifer Valadez

At first I didn't think it was working then when I was done with my workout and took it off...🤯 I was like OMG!! WTF!!
It works!!! Sent photos to a couple of fam and friends that were interested and now we will all be sporting our hot shapers!
Thanks guys!

Hot Belt Waist Cincher + Pink Waist Trainer

Cami Hot + Waist Trainer + Hot Gel (6 oz)

Cami Hot Waist Cincher + Black Waist Trainer

Waist Trainer Black
Mykola Rusyn

Waist Trainer Black

Slimming Gel
Mayza Guzman

Slimming Gel

Cami Hot Waist Cincher + Pink Waist Trainer

Capri Pants
Gayle Robinson
Hot Shapers Capris

Product definitely made me sweat more. Material is thinner and more comfortable than other brands. I would give 5 stars if they had pockets!!


I have had this cami hot waist cincher + waist Trainer now for about 30 days. I wear it for about 12 hours out the day, 5 days a week! I started on the 3rd set of buttons and now I have moved to the 1st set in just 30 days! I still have a ways to go but will probably be ordering a size down here soon!

Hour Glass Figure

Love the vest, however, ordered a XS and started out on the third row from the beginning. Belt helps draw in my waist during exercise.

Most amazing

I have being using hot shapers since 2014 and I can swear I will never live without them can’t wait to get my new set… thank you for coming back to Australia


I love it!! I love the fact that it covers everything and the back. It is easy to wear and feels comfortable. I ordered a size medium and it fits well.

Perfect fit

Fit was as expected

Hot Arms
Myriam Garza
Hot Arms

They are assume really love them

I am in love

By far, this is the best company and best waist trainer ever🙌 I made a mistake on my first order. I ordered a small and it was too big but I already removed the tag and wore it. I reach out to customer service, the lady that I spoke to was so nice. Long story short, they sent an extra small waist trainer with a hot belt waist cincher. They are the best 👍 🙌❤️

Truly works

I love my cincher. I truly sweat more when I workout. My only negative is I wish I would have got a smaller size.

Everything you need.

This kit has everything. I literally didn’t know I could sweat this much but, in a good way! I’m hoping these products help get me out of this plateau I’m stuck in for weight loss. More time will tell. These products have definitely helped motivate me to stick to my goals.

Hot Arms Sleeves
Erin Bickler
love my arms

These really work, and what i didn't expect was how much support I feel when I wear them doing weights. They actually make it feel easier.

Bomb Trainer

I delivered my baby dec 14, 2021 amd began using the waist trainer. I try to do a 30min power walk every morning, sometimes again im the evening. This trainer is the bomb. Its comfortable, makes you sweat a lot more (burn more calories), and you lose pounds a lot quicker. I rarely write reviews but the results caused me to write one. Im self conscious about the extra weight on me and I'm literally seeing the fat fall off using this trainer. Its crazy because it seems like I'm losing weight just within a couple of days. The results fast!!! I would definitely recommend this trainer. Im gaining my confidence back. Thank you Hotshapers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, I use the one thts not a cincher and the one that doesn't cover up the back. Its the other one ..sorry don't know the name.

6/20/21 arrival

Finally got my shipment today I can’t share my results yet