Hot Belt + Waist Trainer Purple Plus

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    This sleek and comfortable waist trimmer is known for taking the smallest workouts to world-class athletic levels. Designed to fit your body seamlessly, the Hot Belt is virtually undetectable under most clothing. Wear it during an intense workout at your next spinning class or during a calming yoga experience. For optimal results, wear with Instant Trainer. The easily adjustable waist trainer provides much needed compression to slim the waistline.

    Abdomen: Work with heat and compression to achieve an amazing tummy.

    Muffin top: Shape your waist to lovely fit silhouette.

    Back: Get rid of the extra fat and sculpt a healthy lower back.

    Hourglass Shape: The waist trainer will help you achieve an amazing waist.

  • CARE
    • Hand wash 30°C
    • Do not tumble dry
    • Do not bleach
    • Do not iron
    • Do not wring
    • Do not dry clean- line dry / hang dry only
    • Neotex Smart Fabric Technology
    • Neoprene 60%
    • Polyester 30%
    • Nylon 10%
Backed By Clinical Studies

30 women tested our unique Neotex™ sweat fabric. After eight weeks of continuous use, our test group received the following benefits:

Increase Sweat - Clinical Studies - Hot Shapers
Increased Sweat
Weight Loss - Clinical Studies - Hot Shapers
Weight Loss
Calories burned - Clinical Studies - Hot Shapers
Calories Burned
Comfortable Compression - Clinical Studies - Hot Shapers
Comfortable Compression
Slender Silhouette - Clinical Studies - Hot Shapers
Slender Silhouette
Hourglass Waist - Clinical Studies - Hot Shapers
Hourglass Waist
General Well-Being - Clinical Studies - Hot Shapers
General Well-Being
All Day Comfort - Clinical Studies - Hot Shapers
All Day Comfort


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