Training human beings is a really complex task, most people won’t know but it requires professional skills and even superpowers. So, if you are a mom and are thinking about sending a resume for a job, please know that you are already overqualified due to the next list of skills and superpowers you obviously possess.


Ubiquitous eyes: Certified superpower on you girls, since having to take care of one or more kids around 5 to 12 years old and not losing them requires having eyes everywhere. Since most humans make it to ages beyond 60s, it definitely means that several moms successfully used their ubiquitous eyes.

Ubiquitous eyes


Teaching, Supervising & Managing people: A kid is basically a human project that requires education, supervision and management.

Teaching, Supervising & Managing people


Time Warp: Basic superpower of the mom academy since it’s the only way of having everything ready for herself, the kids and sometimes even for her partner! The key for triggering this ability is being fast enough to break the curve of time and warp between past, present and future. Ever wondered how is it that moms know everything? Now you know.

Time Management


Conflict Resolution: A mother trains herself through life as a qualified mentor to guide her children out of almost every general conflict in order to show him/her what’s fair and what’s not.

Kids Conflict Resolution


Crisis Management Skills:  Handling possible tantrums, damages to a neighbor’s property, school conflicts or others, with patience and resourcefulness are going to make you an expert in crisis management, have no doubt about it.


Time Management: Managing all of the day-to-day situations of a kids life (and success is the only choice for a mom) plus all of your duties require an advanced level of time management simply because fulfilling all the slots in your day to day agenda for you and your family is a must that cannot be skipped, as we mentioned success is the only choice for a mom.

Baby Time Management


Negotiation skills: Children can sometimes be tough to manage, they naturally want everything for “Now” (specially things they don’t own) and as a mom, making the best out every deal (going to bed, waiting until Christmas for a toy, terms of being grounded, and so on…) is the regular basis, so this being similar to handling coworkers or clients, moms always make the best out of every situation.

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