About Us

We've devoted ourselves to understanding the daily challenges women
experience when it comes to exercising.


is to have every woman that tries our activewear to achieve their ideal figure and promote an active lifestyle that makes them feel empowered, confident and happy.


are our inspiration and as so, we've set on a mission to help women tap into their strength, because we believe in the potential everyone has to evolve and become their best self.


boosts your workout by improving your warm up and calorie burning process when exercising. It also helps avoid injuries by increasing circulation and keeping your muscles warm while exercising.

Is a combination of exclusive smart fibers combined with flexible rubbers known for its exceptional thermal technology.

Garments made with NEOTEX™ have a number of advantages besides being a great thermal transfer conductor are very flexible and stretch with ease, NEOTEX™ also it is known for being lightweight, waterproof, extremely comfortable, and quick drying.