Customer rewards

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Just earn points in 6 easy ways!

Exchange them for the reward or benefit you decide.

Refer a Friend:
200 pts

Follow Facebook:
50 pts

Follow Instagram:
50 pts

Like Facebook:
50 pts

Subscribe Program:
100 pts

Place an Order:
$1 = 3 points

FIT Rewards:

25% Discount in all store
180 points
35% Discount in all store
280 points
Slimming Gel 6 Oz + free shipping*
350 points
Hot Arm Bands + free shipping*
500 points
Hot Leg Sleeves + free shipping*
500 points
Waist Trainer+ free shipping*
700 points
Hot Belt + free shipping*
850 points
Hot Tank + free shipping*
1000 points
Cami Hot Women + free shipping*
1100 points
Cami Hot Waist Cincher + free shipping*
1100 points

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  • Can you tell me the awesome benefits of joining?

    Of course! You will receive discounts for you and your friends, Free products & MORE!

  • But, how can I earn points?
    The first thing you need to do is: subscribe!
    Then is pretty simple, most points can be earned by performing quick social media activities: Follow us, share our webpage , Shopping (Place your order dear friend!), or inviting friends
  • Ok, now that I have THE points, how do I spend them?
    1. Remember, first you need to subscribe (Don’t tell anyone, you will receive 100 points for subscribing!)
    2. Check your account at www.hotshapers.com
    3. Check your points and do what you need to go for your favorite reward!
    4. Select your reward, click on it and check your e-mail!
  • Will I earn points by inviting my friends?

    Of Course! Both of you!
    Your friends will receive sweet discounts and the chance to join while you receive extra points for inviting them (Feel free to invite the whole squad)
    - Referral: 200 points.
    - Friend’s Discount: 20%Off!