Just earn points in 6 easy ways!

Exchange them for the reward or benefit you decide.

Refer a Friend:
200 pts

Follow Facebook:
50 pts

Follow Instagram:
50 pts

Like Facebook:
50 pts

Subscribe Program:
100 pts

Place an Order:
$1 - 3 points

FIT Rewards:

25% Discount in all store
180 points
35% Discount in all store
280 points
Slimming Gel 6 Oz + free shipping
350 points
Hot Arm Bands + free shipping
500 points
Hot Leg Sleeves + free shipping
500 points
Waist Trainer+ free shipping
700 points
Hot Belt + free shipping
850 points
Hot Tank + free shipping
1000 points
Cami Hot Women + free shipping
1100 points
Cami Hot Waist Cincher + free shipping
1100 points


  • Benefits:

    Discounts for you and your friends, Free products, Fitness events, Gift cards & MORE!

  • How to earn points:

    Is pretty simple, most points can be earned by performing quick social media activities or through shopping.
  • How to spend your points:

    Check your account, select your reward, click on it and check your e-mail!

  • Referral Program:

    Referral: 200 points.
    Customer Receive Discount: 20%off