How It works

Neotex technology supports workout performance on targeted areas, maximizing the results of every physical activity with compression, flexibility, comfort & heat.

How to take it to the Next level?
Premium Workout Activewear

Comfortable & Flexible

Perfect fit that moves along with your body & moisture wicking technology to retain sweat inside the garment.

Increase Sweat

Neotex fabric can increase perspiration 4x to 10x more, enhancing calorie & toxin burn for a slimmer body.

Maximize your Workouts

Compression and heat stimulate muscle performance, blood circulation, a quicker warm up and support posture on targeted areas.

Backed by clinical studies

A test group of 30 subjects tested our unique Neotex™ sweat fabric. After eight weeks of continuous use, our test group received the following benefits:

  • Increased sweat
  • Weight loss
  • Calories burned
  • Improved cellulite
  • Tighter skin
  • Reduced thigh circumference
  • Reduced waist circumference
  • Enhanced skin texture
  • General well-being
  • Well tolerated for daily use