Hot Shapers products are made with exclusive Neotex™ technology that allow you to achieve the athletic, healthy and active body you deserve. Read ahead to learn more about the clinically-proven results you can obtain from Hot Shapers.

30 woman tested Neotex garments, results were given after eight weeks of controlled physical activity and evaluation, our subject group received the following benefits from wearing Hot Shapers Neotex™ technology.

Increase perspiraption - Clinical Studies - Hot Shapers
Increased perspiration

66% and 74% felt garment resulted in greater perspiration between 4x to 10x more at weeks four and eight respectively.

Weight loss - Clinical Studies - Hot Shapers
Weight loss

Over 65% lost weight at week 4 and 8 respectively.

Calories burned - Clinical Studies - Hot Shapers
Calories burned

87% burned more calories while wearing the garment.

Improved appareance of cellulite - Clinical Studies - Hot Shapers
Improved the appearance of cellulite

Over 60% improved the appearance of cellulite.

Reduce thigh circumference - Clinical Studies - Hot Shapers
Reduced thigh circumference

63% reduced thigh circumference

Reduced waist circumference - Clinical Studies - Hot Shapers
Reduced waist circumference

53% improvement in waist circumference

Enhanced skin texture - Clinical Studies - Hot Shapers
Enhanced skin texture and a slender silhouette

100%, As a side effect of extra sweat, weight loss and extra calories burned.

Tighter skin - Clinical Studies - Hot Shapers
Tighter skin

As a side effect of extra sweat, weight loss and extra calories burned.

General well-being - Clinical Studies - Hot Shapers
General well-being

As supported by subjective questionnaire results.

Daily use - Clinical Studies - Hot Shapers
Well tolerated for daily use

The majority of subjects indicated the intent to buy and that they would recommend the product to a friend.

“Feel more attractive”

Subjects after 8 weeks of use

Tools used for evaluation

Questionnaire:We asked our subjects what they thought before, during, and after using our Hot Shapers products.

In Body instrumentation: Instrumental assessments using the In-Body device was used to determine metabolic rate and calories burnt. Subjects' height, BMI and weight (measured by the In-Body device).

Visual grading results: External body condition was assessed by a trained professional using visual inspection, standard visual analogue scales (VAS), and photographic analysis.

Measurements and Photography: Progress was evaluated with body pictures and with the measurements of targeted areas.